Help The Black Ledger’s effort to provide the first full account of how Trump brought Putin’s disinformation war to America.

Because of the political situation and the way that the calendars of publishing companies work, my literary agent and I gave publishers a deadline of August 17 and sent a closing notice to book editors giving them that date by which to make an offer. We withdrew the book from consideration on that date despite it being still under consideration by a half-dozen publishers, as they couldn’t commit to a fall release. Therefore, we are going to publish The Black Ledger in September on Amazon and Kindle.

We are asking for the $8,500 for the following: $2,500 for professional copy editing of the 88,000 word manuscript, $500 for start up expenses, $500 for honoraria, and $4,000 for promotion by a book publicist and $2,000 for other expenses.

Your contribution to this GoFundMe will allow us to publish this book in September, when interest in it will be at its peak. There is much to be discovered about the mystery behind the Black Ledger.